The Homeschool-U Method

A systematic approach that helps you make clear and confident decisions in every stage of homeschooling.

Hi there, I’m Michele


I want you to know that you are the expert of your homeschool—even if you don’t feel like it yet.

As a veteran homeschool mom of 30 years, I know what it’s like to be afraid you’re going to mess up your kid’s future by making the wrong decision.

After spending hundreds of dollars on curriculum that didn’t work, trying to implement all the well-meaning advice from my friends that didn’t account for our unique situation, and reading book after book from the homeschooling experts who had no clue what my kids were like, I finally stopped listening to everyone else and developed my own method for making great decisions for my family.

I want you to have the same confidence and clarity when making decisions for your own homeschool, which is why I’m sharing this simple method with you.

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Sometimes, it helps to have a sounding board when you are making homeschooling decisions, which is why we created the Homeschool-U Membership Community.

As a member, you not only have access to all of our courses, but you also have access to Homeschool-U founder Michele Holmes and other homeschool moms at various stages of the homeschool journey!

What People are Saying

“Clarity to own this next step in my child’s life”

“As I approached homeschooling through high school, I had many moments of confusion and concern. Michele explained how to create a path that works for each child. Michele calmed my worries and made this next step feel natural for me and my family. She gave me the confidence and clarity to own this next step in my child’s life.”

Robin T.

 “I learned new tricks even after years of homeschooling!”

“Michele has developed a solid, practical plan that works for every homeschooler, from brand-new to seasoned. Even after my own lengthy homeschooling career, she has taught me new tricks. My favorite with the most impact has been the 24-hour day. I also like the vision plan to direct what opportunities will work toward our goals for the year. It helps my yesses mean yes and my nos mean no!”

Sheri B.

“It helped me move forward with confidence.”

“Michele helped me understand and embrace being a homeschooling mom with a homeschooling family. She taught me the mechanics, but more than that, she helped me understand the foundational values on which this decision was built. She helped me move forward with confidence.

Jenn U.

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