There are a 101 ways

to homeschool,

but the best way

is to start with YOU.

Everyday you are faced with decisions for your homeschool.

Some are simple, others complex. The weight of responsibility they carry can be overwhelming.

But, with the right structure in place, making decisions about which curriculum to use, how to schedule your time,
and how to guide your child’s future become clear.

Homeschool-U is here to help you put that structure in place.

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Here’s How It Works

Homeschool-U is a online community dedicated to helping our members become confident in their homeschooling decisions.

This happens in three ways: Create, Join, and Connect.

CREATE Your Homeschool Directive

Making great homeschooling decisions for your family starts with identifying key pieces of information, such as:

• The unique make-up of your family unit
• The reason your family is homeschooling
• The particular goals you have for your children before they graduate
• The way your kids learn and the way you teach
• The appropriate timeline for learning for each of your children
• And so much more!

Homeschool-U will walk you through the steps to identify these key pieces of information and to organize them into a cohesive, downloadable document we call your Homeschool Directive.

Together, we will use this document to help you make decisions that are right for your homeschool. Decisions regarding teaching methods, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and more.

JOIN Our Motivation Mondays

You recognize there are others with wisdom, creative ideas, and unique perspectives to share. You are willing to listen and learn but can’t afford to go to every convention or purchase every new book.

Homeschool-U brings these influencers to our members through live interviews once a month. We record and store these interviews in our library. We also have a live Q&A session once a month.

Together, we will create a space for dialogue about new ideas and empower you to determine what is helpful information (and what’s not) for your particular homeschool. From there, you add that information to your Homeschool Directive for future decision making.

CONNECT Through a U-Too Circle

You are constantly making decisions that are particular to your homeschool. Sometimes, that can be lonely.

Homeschool-U is a community of homeschooling moms all focused on making great homeschooling decisions for our families. We cheer each other on in our private Facebook group. Individuals in the same phase of their homeschool journeys can further connect in small groups we call U-Too Circles. You choose when you want to connect and in which U-Too Circle.

Together, we will create an environment of encouragemnent and support for our members.

 Create  |  Join  |  Connect


If you are ready to feel confident in the decisions you make for your homeschool, join us in the Homeschool-U community.

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You can be confident in your homeschooling decisions.