Plan your homeschool year with confidence and clarity.

Our proven and effective strategies will show you how.

Your homeschool is unique.
Your plan for the year should reflect that.

Get Organized and stay focused

Planning a Great year starts with U.

The secret to planning a great homeschooling year? Understanding that you are in charge. You are not just doing school at home, you are overseeing a whole new school entity. That truth is both freeing and holds the weight of responsibility.

So, what can you do to make sure you comply with laws, make great decisions, achieve your big picture goals, pay attention to all the little details, and still have a fun and enjoyable year?

Create a Homeschool Directive. 

What’s a Homeschool Directive? It’s a vision casting, goal-creating, lesson plan capturing, and progress and record-keeping system.

The best part of a Homeschool Directive? It’s completely reflective of your unique family situation and your unique homeschool expectations.

When you create A homeschool Directive, you create a framework for planning, implementing, and embracing your school year with confidence and clarity.

To help you do the good work of creating a Homeschool Directive, Homeschool-U has created a membership site to give you access to numerous how-to videos, resources and tools, weekly learning opportunities, and readily available support and encouragement.

When you take the time to set up a Homeschool Directive, you don’t just set up the current year for success, you cast a vision and create a planning framework that will last throughout your entire homeschooling journey!


How-To Modules

Planning a homeschool year happens in 6 stages and we’ve created how-to modules to guide you through the various aspects of each one. Each module is meant to help you fill out the parts of your Homeschool Directive.


Resources and Tools

Downloadable and printable resources, handouts, templates, tools, and worksheets, all designed to help you plan the details of your school year.



When you are a member of Homeschool-U, you gain a framework for organizing your thoughts, goals, and plans for your unique homeschool.

Your membership with Homeschool-U provides you with the tools, resources, and support you need to plan, implement, and embrace your homeschool year with confidence and clarity. 




On Wednesdays, Homeschool-U founder Michele Holmes hosts live Q&As, How-Tos, and Guest Interviews that keep your unique questions in mind! Can’t watch them live? Catch the replay in your member resource area.


Questions Answered

Have a question that you can seem to find the answer to in our how-to modules? Or do you need an extra bit of advice for your unique situation? You can ask your question in our private Facebook group and get answers quickly from our team and others in the membership.

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