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Plan a great homeschool year full of academic achievement, personal growth, and family connection.

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Complying with homeschool laws. Choosing the right Curriculum.

Creating Strong lesson plans. Scheduling a Great week.

designing a useful school space within your home.

Planning a homeschool year is a daunting task.

Why we decided to start with u

Over the years, we’ve heard from moms just like you who are struggling to plan their homeschool year due to: 

 • Not knowing their goals or expectations

• Confusion about homeschooling requirements

• overwhelm from conflicting how-to homeschool information

• uncertainty about how to accommodate their unique family needs

• Self-doubt and fear


You are not alone.

we know the struggle first-hand, which is why we created Homeschool-U, so You can simplify the process and plan, implement, and embrace Your year with confidence and clarity.  

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How we help

Let’s do this together.

Homeschool-U is a membership community
that’s all about You, the homeschool mom. 

We know you’re busy and juggling a lot already, so we’ve broken down creating a homeschool Directive into a 6-stage process. Each stage has short, but helpful, how-to modules to help you make progress in both creating your Homeschool Directive and planning your homeschool year.

What is a homeschool Directive

A place for your thoughts and plans.

A Homeschool-U membership gives you access to how-to modules that teach you how to create a Homeschool Directive to help focus and organize the decisions you make for your homeschool.

What’s a Homeschool Directive? It’s a vision casting, goal-creating, lesson plan capturing, and progress and record-keeping system. The best part of a Homeschool Directive? It’s completely reflective of your unique family and your unique homeschool expectations.


A Homeschool Directive…

✓ Clarifies your vision and goals for your homeschool.

✓ Gives you a place to document and reference  homeschooling laws in your state.

✓ Create the framework for a decision-making filter that helps you say “no” to the good and “yes” to the best.

✓ Keeps your family’s needs and values in the forefront.

✓ Gives you confidence and clarity as you plan your year.

Our how-to modules, resources, and tools simplifies the planning process and helps you focus on what is important:

you and your family.

Homeschool-U will help you to:

Understand all the key pieces of information you need to plan a homeschool year.


Get clarity on what’s
required of you to
teach, record, and test.

Understand and Define your educational statement, vision for your homeschool, and your goals and expectations for your homeschool year.

Better understand your family’s unique needs and how they affect your homeschool year. 


Learn how to choose curriculum, create schedules, and design a homeschool space that supports your needs, goals, and budget.


silence the self-doubt and Gain confidence in making decisions for your homeschool.

Meet the Founder

Michele Holmes

Michele knows the courage it takes to make the decision to homeschool. When she first started homeschooling over 30 years ago, the community was small and resources were limited. As she homeschooled her eight children K-12, new challenges presented each year. Some of her children were gifted, others struggled with a learning disability. Some had a clear direction for life after high school, others needed to explore a bit longer. Some could read for hours on end, while others thought “fiction is a waste of time.”

Over the years, through research, observation, and lots of trial and error, Michele developed a system for planning her homeschool year. Primarily, she learn to trust herself and to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading when it came to making choices, both the small and the significant ones, for her homeschool.

When her eldest entered high school, Michele co-founded a homeschool cooperative that focused on high school classes. Over the years, the co-op grew to 100 families! While she is not involved in the day-to-day any longer, she still serves as a consultant for the group.

Michele has hosted numerous homeschool workshops and mom’s nights in her home, considering it a privilege and ministry to serve other homeschool moms. With a desire to serve even more moms, Michele created Homeschool-U! She is committed to encouraging and supporting the next generation of homeschooling moms as they plan their homeschool years with confidence and clarity!


Before discussing homeschooling through high school with Michele Holmes, I had many moments of confusion and concern. Michele was able to explain how to create a path that works for each child. She gave me the confidence and clarity to own this next step in my child’s life.

I now know how to look ahead to college requirement and when to take steps throughout the high school path. Michele calmed my worries and made this next step feel natural for me and my family. I look forward to all three of my boys finishing high school with a solid education not only in academics but in character.

Robin T.

When I first pulled my kids out of school, I had little support from family and or friends. Michele was the wonderful voice of encouragement I needed. I remember her telling me, “You know what is best for your family, trust your instinct.”

That became my inner talk for awhile. Later, I took her Homeschool High School workshop, and realized how freely she gives her knowledge with an open heart. High School transcripts became easy that night. 

Today, we are friends, and I still value her insights and deep understanding of all the unique family dynamics and self-worth dialogue that encompasses the homeschool journey.

Patricia S.

When I started homeschooling our oldest daughter, I had no idea where to start, what to do, or even a true understanding of why I was doing it. It was overwhelming and I felt lost because I didn’t know if I was doing it “right.”

Michele came alongside me as a mentor and friend helping me understand and embrace being a homeschooling mom with a homeschooling family. She taught me the mechanics, but more than that, she helped me understand the foundational values on which this decision was built. She helped me move forward with confidence.

We are now homeschooling all 5 of our kids. Michele has been the best thing that has happened for our homeschooling.

Jenn U.

Your homeschool-u membership includes

✓ A step-by-step guide to create your own Homeschool Directive

✓ An online tool that helps you capture your thoughts and plans so You can easily add to your Homeschool Directive

✓ Self-paced access to in-depth, practical how-to modules

Printable checklists and worksheets for scheduling, goal setting, high school Credit Creation, lesson planning, RESOURCE catalog, and progress tracking

✓ Access to our private Facebook community where you will be encouraged, supported, and get answers to your unique questions

✓ Access to our weekly live Q&A sessions with Homeschool-U founder, Michele Holmes

✓ Access to our once-a-month Live interviews with individuals sharing their unique homeschool experience and tips

Encouragement and support as you plan your homeschool year! 

FAQs about Homeschool-U

I only plan to homeschool 1 year. Will Homeschool-U still be helpful?

Yes! Whether you choose to homeschool just this current year or for many years in the future, the processes and tools you learn and are given in our membership will be beneficial in setting up your homeschool year for success! Additionally, the information we cover in Homeschool-U will support you as a parent concerned about your child’s education for years to come.

What if I join and don't find it helpful?

You can cancel your membership at any time. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who can join?

Homeschool-U speaks mainly to homeschool moms because they make up the majority of individuals making decisions for their homeschools. However, we recognize that there are situations that fall outside this scenario and strive to support any homeschool individuals looking to plan their homeschool year.

When can I join?

Homeschool-U will open registration in July 2020.

Are you a religious group?

The teaching and encouragement you find in Homeschool-U incorporate a Christian worldview.

Having said that, we want to stress that just as each of our homeschooling journeys are unique, so are our journeys of faith. We understand that we may not all agree on every facet of faith, but we believe that what we hold in common outweighs that which we do not.

How long do the stages take to work through? I want to make sure I can start the school year on time.

You move through the modules at your own pace, so you can finish them as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

We do want to encourage you to take a deep breath and let go of the fear that you are behind or that you are running out of time. You are in control of your school’s start and end date. 

What if I can't make the live teaching?

We know you are a busy mom, so we’ve got you covered! Each live teaching is recorded for you to reference when you are able.

Is there homework?

Yes and No.

There is no homework assigned or deadlines given; the teaching modules are self-paced and we’re here to help if you get stuck. However, each module does include reflective questions designed to help you plan your homeschool year. How much you choose to do and when to do it is up to you.

What is a Homeschool Directive?

A Homeschool Directive is a comprehensive document that will guide you in planning a successful homeschool year. You will reference this document frequently as you make adjustments and decisions for your homeschool in the future. Additionally, it is a place to store important documents and records pertaining to your homeshcool year.

When did Homeschool-U start?

Homeschool-U launched its first membership enrollment in July 2020.

Planning a great homeschool year doesn’t need
to be confusing or stressful.

Let us show you how to plan, implement, and embrace your homeschool year with clarity and confidence.

Join the Homeschool-U Community!