You make a lot of homeschooling decisions that carry the weight of responsibility

Having a structure in place to make those decisions is critical.

We make our plans. Decide our next steps. And then… life.

Your kid who has never struggled in math before can’t seem to grasp algebra.

Your husband gets a new job in another state.

Your super confident 11-year-old turns 12… and insecure about their reading struggles.

Your mom is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Your curriculum that worked for your oldest just doesn’t seem to be cutting it with your youngest.


When circumstances change, you are left with two choices:

1) Continue doing what you decided to do.

2) Make an adjustment to what you are doing.

The hardest part of deciding which route to take

is the fact that no one else but you can make that



A common misconception in the homeschooling community is that in order to make a good homeschooling decision, you start with researching homeschooling tools like curriculum, planners, theories, etc.


In reality, the starting point is YOU.


You are the Expert of Your Homeschool

Which means, you have a lot of the information you already need to make great homeschooling decisions. Anyone can tell you why a curriculum is great, but only you can decide if that tool will work for your particular homeschool at that particular time. 

Don’t feel like an expert? That’s what we’re here for.

We are not here to tell you what the right decisions is to make (remember, only you can make a decision for your homeschool), but we are here to help you articulate your purpose, gain clarity about your goals, and understand the unique make-up of your homeschool.

Together, we walk through honing your vision for homeschooling your children and your individual goals for each one of them. We will then discuss how to use this information to create a framework for confident decision-making that can navigate times of transition.

How we help

Let’s do this together.


Create Your Homeschool Directive

Making great homeschooling decisions for your family starts with identifying key pieces of information, such as:

🗸 The unique make-up of your family unit
🗸 The reason your family is homeschooling
🗸 The particular goals you have for your children before they graduate
🗸 The way your kids learn and the way you teach
🗸 The appropriate timeline for learning for each of your children
🗸 And so much more!

Homeschool-U will walk you through the steps to identify these key pieces of information and to organize them into a cohesive, downloadable document we call your Homeschool Directive.

Together, we will use this document to help you make decisions that are right for your homeschool. Decisions regarding teaching methods, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and more.


Join Our Motivation Mondays

You recognize there are others with wisdom, creative ideas, and unique perspectives to share. You are willing to listen and learn but can’t afford to go to every convention or purchase every new book.

Homeschool-U brings these influencers to our members through live interviews once a month. We record and store these interviews in our library. We also have a live Q&A session once a month.

Together, we will create a space for dialogue about new ideas and empower you to determine what is helpful information (and what’s not) for your particular homeschool. From there, you add that information to your Homeschool Directive for future decision making.


Connect Through a U-Too Circle

You are constantly making decisions that are particular to your homeschool. Sometimes, that can be lonely.

Homeschool-U is a community of homeschooling moms all focused on making great homeschooling decisions for our families. We cheer each other on in our private Facebook group. Individuals in the same phase of their homeschool journeys can further connect in small groups we call U-Too Circles. You choose when you want to connect and in which U-Too Circle.

Together, we will create an environment of support and encouragement for our members.


Our Doors Open in January!

Our membership community officially launches after the new year.
We are excited to see you gain confidence in your homeschooling decisions!

Meet the Founders

Michele Holmes & Rachel Fahrenbach

We are Team U

Michele Holmes 
Michele knows the courage it takes to make the decision to homeschool. When she first started homeschooling over 30 years ago, the community was small and resources were limited. She had to learn to trust herself and to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading when it came to making tough choices, even when circumstances made her question them. Now, she is committed to encouraging the next generation of homeschooling moms to do the same.

Rachel Fahrenbach 
Growing up in the homeschooling community, Rachel was able to observe numerous homeschooling styles, hear various reasons and goals for homeschooling, and experience it all first-hand. Her observations and life experiences have impacted the choices she now makes as a 2nd generational homeschooler. Having a foot in both worlds of homeschooling (student and mom) has given Rachel a unique perspective and she is committed to using that perspective to encourage and support other homeschooling moms.


Before discussing homeschooling through high school with Michele Holmes, I had many moments of confusion and concern. Michele was able to explain how to create a path that works for each child. She gave me confidence and clarity to own this next step in my child’s life.

I now know how to look ahead to college requirements, what to name my child’s classes, and when to take steps throughout the high school path. Michele calmed my worries and made this next step feel natural for me and my family- allowing me to be an encourager to others. I look forward to all three of my boys finishing high school with a solid education not only in academics but in character.

Robin T.

When I first pulled my kids out of school, I had little support from family and friends. Michele was the wonderful voice of encouragement I needed. I remember her telling me, “You know what is best for your family, trust your instinct.”

That became my inner talk for awhile. Later I took her Homeschool High School workshop, and realized how freely she gives her knowledge with open heart. Transcripts became easy that night.

Today, we are friends, and I still value her insights and deep understanding of all the unique family dynamics and self-worth dialogue that encompasses the homeschool journey.

Patricia S.

When I started homeschooling our oldest daughter, I was doing it because it was the right thing for her education. I had no idea where to start, what to do, or even a true understanding of why I was doing it. It was overwhelming and I felt lost because I didn’t know if I was doing it “right”.

Michele came alongside me as a mentor and friend helping me understand and embrace being a homeschooling mom with a homeschooling family. She taught me the mechanics, but more than that, she helped me understand the foundational values on which this decision was built. She gave me the confidence to move forward to where we are now homeschooling all 5 of our kids.

Homeschooling has been life-changing for our family, and Michele has been the best thing that has happened for our homeschooling.

Jenn U.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do you open your doors?

Homeschool-U will open its doors three times in 2020.

When did Homeschool-U start?

Homeschool-U will launch its first membership enrollment in January 2020. Make sure to get on the waitlist to get details about when exactly the doors will open.

Who can join?

Homeschool-U speaks mainly to homeschool moms because they make up the majority of individuals making decisions for their homeschools. However, we recognize that there are situations that fall outside this scenario and strive to support any homeschool individual who wants to strengthen their decision-making process.

Are you a religious group?

The teaching and encouragement you will find in Homeschool-U incorporate a Christian worldview.

Having said that, we want to stress that just as each of our homeschooling journeys are unique, so are our journeys of faith. We understand that we may not all agree on every facet of faith, but we believe what we hold in common outweighs that which we do not.

What if I join and don't find it helpful?

You can cancel your membership at any time.

What if I can't make the live teaching?

We know you are a busy mom, so we’ve got you covered! Each live teaching is recorded and stored in our library for you to reference when you are able.

Is there homework?


You are able to work through the teaching modules at your own pace and we’re here to help if you get stuck.

Take the first step to gaining confidence in your homeschooling decisions. Join today!