Free Homeschooling Workshops!




We’re offering 6 FREE workshops and 2 Q&A sessions with founder Michele Holmes, a veteran mom of 30 years (she graduates her 8th kid in 2022), at the end of May to help moms as they start to contemplate the upcoming school year.

Each workshop will be about 30 minutes long with a Q&A following and will include handouts.


U & Homeschool Laws  | Wednesday, May 27 @ 8pm CST

U & What Subjects to Teach | Thursday, May 28 @ 8pm CST

U & Making Strong Choices for Your Homeschool | Friday, May 29  @ 8pm CST

U & Your Unique Questions | Saturday, May 30 @ 10am CST

U & Homeschooling on a Dime | Monday, June 1 @ 8pm CST

U & How to Avoid Overscheduling Your Child's Day | Tuesday, June 2 @ 8pm CST

U & Creative High School Credits | Wednesday, June 3 @ 8pm CST

U & Your Unique Questions | Thursday, June 4 @ 8pmCST


These workshops will be live-streamed to a private Facebook group, so you’ll need to sign up below to be added to the group and receive access to the handouts. 

Thank U for signing up! Check your email for more information.

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